Nous E6 review Smart ZigBee LCD Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Cool little Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor with display, working on rechargeable 2xAAA batteries.


  • displays clock
  • embedded magnet in top half of the back
  • AAA batteries
  • rechargeable NiMH work fine


  • missing reporting options (min/max interval)
  • battery type is not detected, nor configurable, but assumed as alkaline
  • skewed percentage report for rechargeable NiMH batteries
Nous E6 powered on
Nous E6 powered on


I did test accuracy only briefly. Together with other sensor on a shelf, multiple units of E6 were usually +/- of 0.2°C from average of all sensors tested together.

Nous E6 seems to be good on measuring the air temperature, and it doesn't cling too much towards the temperature of furniture/wall temperature it is placed on.


  • the accuracy of room temperature reading is much more affected by correct or incorrect placement within the room, than by inaccuracy of the sensor itself.
  • some sensors with official +/- of 0.2°C precision on the paper were actually measuring much more the temperature of furniture instead of the air temperature:
    • test - when window was opened when cold outside, some models of sensors went down immediately by 1°C and others just by 0.2°C.


Device is powered by two AAA batteries.

Nous E6 with opened back battery compartment
Nous E6 with opened back battery compartment

Rechargeable 1.2V NiMH batteries work fine. I love this fact, because I am not producing waste by early replacement of batteries, when I want to be sure, that sensor used in automations won't go dead in a bad moment.

Unfortunately, device doesn't detect battery type is automatically - Alkaline vs NiMH. This results in skewed percentage report for rechargeable battiers - percentage calculation is using non-rechargeable battery discharge curve. This is also not configurable.

Battery life

Test runs:

  • 41 days (over a month) on 550mAh eneloop lite AAA batteries from fully charged to 1%,
  • 81 days (over 2 months) on 550mAh eneloop lite AAA batteries from fully charged to 1%.

More results to be added.


Box front and back:

Nous E6 box front and back
Nous E6 box front and back

Box contents:

Nous E6 box contents
Nous E6 box contents



One local seller offers them at 15.99€ at sporadic deals. This is close to local prices of display-less button-battery-powered sensors.


So far, my the most favourite sensor for Zigbee and Z-Wave networks I've found and owned.

Disclaimer: This is a non-professional review based on end-user experience.